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Back in 2008 Billy Two Shoes was started as a project to record a full album in one weekend. During that process, two things happened... 1. The first collection of songs by Billy Two Shoes, Appalachian Memoirs was created, and 2. The decision was made that proceeds from the sales of that album would go to help feed folks in Southern Ohio.

Since that weekend in 2008 Billy Two Shoes has recorded 4 more indepentently funded and produced albums. These recordings have ranged from the stripped down electric sound of Appalachian Memoirs, to the highly orchestrated Full Breakfast (with horns and a string section), to the acoustic string band feel of Bourbon for Beans which was mostly recorded in a single day marathon session. The unifying thread that flows through these albums is a connection to the people and stories from Southern Ohio as well as a rootsy down home Americana style sound.

The new album Sipps Lane continues that tradition with a collection of songs about life back home. Sonically it falls somewhere between Full Breakfast and Bourbon for Beans. It definitely has a front porch pickin' feel with upright bass, banjo, mandolin, acoustic guitar and dobro, but it also takes advantage of some of the things that can be done in the studio with arrangements and intstrumental/vocal harmony parts. Just enough for a little added depth, but always keeping the songs and stories as the main focus.

  • Appalacian Memoirs
  • New Shoes
  • Full Breakfast
  • Bourbon For Beans
  • Sipps Lane

Like the albums, the live shows have also evolved over time. Many taleneted and generous musicians have played with Billy Two Shoes, and every one has donated their time making music to help feed folks. Not a single person has asked for a penny in return so everything taken in can be given to food pantries.

For the past several years core members James Gettles, Josh Lawson, and Sean Jenkins have been playing shows as a 3 piece with upright bass, acoustic guitar and dobro. Banjo and mandolin make it into the mix on several songs as well to switch things up a bit. At the live shows you can expect a good number of originals mixed with some roots/country/americana covers as well as a few tunes you might not expect to hear from an acoustic 3 piece band. Musical influences include The Steeldrivers, Tyler Childers, Devil Makes Three, The Wood Brothers and more...

The Billies have played shows that range from music festivals like the Appalachian Uprising (with Ricky Skaggs, David Mayfield and Jessica Lee Mayfield), to local bars, to neighborhood block parties and just about anywhere else you can think of. No matter where they set up they always bring a good time. All money raised from shows, cd sales and donations goes to help food pantries bring in supplies to help those in need. One thing Billy Two Shoes always tries to do is show you having a good time and helping people can go hand in hand.

If you'd like to hear some Billies music and help raise money to feed folks, click the links below to buy a CD or catch their next live show! And if you're interested in booking Billy Two Shoes, shoot em a message on their facebook page or email at

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