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feedin folks
All of the proceeds we make through shows, album, and merch sales go to help feed folks back home. Please help our efforts by purchasing a Billy Stick, Billy Jar, t-shirt or making a donation to help feed folks in need.

Billy Stick 3 albums of billy music on a handmade usb drive
Bourbon for Beans CD
Digital Download

We have sold all of our copies of the cd, but it is still available for digital download. Click the button below to purchase the album and liner notes in digital format.

After checkout you will be directed to a page where you can download the album. If you have any problems send an email to webmaster@billy2shoes.org


Billy Stick 3 albums of billy music on a handmade usb drive
Billy Stick
The Billy Stick is a unique hand crafted usb stick that contains all 3 Billy Two Shoes studio albums. Each stick is cut, finished by hand and stamped with the BTS logo. Then it is hollowed out to fit a usb card that has all of the Billy Two Shoes studio recordings. Buy one today and impress all your friends when you have a music playing stick hanging out of your computer or car stereo.

15.00 (free shipping)

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billy two shoes usb stick with 3 albums click here to visit our store and buy one